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Scott Jordan, L.M.T.

Scott received his massage therapy certification from the Flint School of Therapeutic Massage in 1999. His training is rooted in Swedish Massage and includes Trigger-Point Therapy, Muscle Isolation technique, Polarity Therapy and Reflexology. He went on to study Reiki, and received his Level III Reiki Master/Teacher certification in 2002. 2014 saw the beginning of Massage Therapy licensure in Michigan, and Scott received his license in November of that year. In his 15 years of practice, Scott has worked in both clinical and spa atmospheres. He prefers to integrate the two, seemingly opposed, massage types. This creates a massage experience that is both stress AND pain relieving.

Scott’s Service Menu:

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Massage Therapy: Having received training in many massage modalities, I will customize your massage experience according to the individual needs of your unique self. My general philosophy is to find the balance between clinical technique and mind/body awareness. Pricing below is for stand-alone sessions. If you are looking for regular treatment, please inquire about my Frequency Discount and packages.

30 Minute Session- $35
60 Minute Session- $70
90 Minute Session- $105

Hot Stone Massage: One of the most relaxing massage experiences.
Hot Stone Massage is available from September through May. The treatment is performed by using heated basalt stones to soothe away Winter’s chill, warm the muscles and calm the mind.

60 Minute Session- $85

Reflexology: A wonderful form of massage, consisting of the manipulation of the feet and lower legs, Reflexology promotes relaxation and rejuvenation of the whole self while focusing on the connections between the nervous system and the energetic body.

30 Minute Session- $45

Reiki: Translated from the Japanese for “Universal Life-Force Energy” this healing system draws upon the working of said energies to promote a deeply relaxing and meditative state. This state of consciousness is where healing begins.   I offer two types of Reiki sessions- Table and Coaching.

In a Table session, the client lays on the massage table and the practitioner uses the traditional reiki hand positions to channel the Reiki energy to the client.

Coaching sessions have the addition of goal-oriented coaching protocols to more consciously heal on multiple levels of your being.

Table Session (approximately 45-60 minutes)- $40
Coaching Session (approximately 90 minutes)- $55
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