Welcome to Thine Om Self, where we celebrate the body, the mind, and their connection to one another.

Our mission is to integrate the Self with the Collective. We offer massage, meditation, and healing services to create a sense of peace within the body & mind. We believe that when the individual is calm within, he or she is able to engage the collective in a positive and meaningful way.  Our services can be individually catered to foster a sense of wholeness and well-being based on your specific needs.  Our Service Menu features a complete list of all the ways we can help you be your best YOU! Also, if you are looking for a gift for someone special you can click to buy and print (or email) an Instant Gift Certificate!

We also offer a selection of products that contribute to a tranquil atmosphere, a healthy body and a joyous life. From premium Japanese incense to Tibetan singing bowls, hand-made prayer/meditation beads to healing crystals,  locally produced journals to used books, organic soaps to therapeutic quality essential oils, and everything in-between! Keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling of our highly anticipated online store. In the meantime, please feel free to stop in and peruse our wares.

Massage Therapy in Saginaw, MI

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